Have you ever stopped and thought that you could just do with a break from life? Constant work pressures, family pressures... life pressures in general just have a way of dragging you down. Our live differently retreats allow people from all around the world to slow down and connect with like-minded people in a place where you can chose to do as much or as little as you like. 

The base package includes airport transfers, 28 nights accommodation in a single or double/twin room with breakfast daily, welcome dinner, 7 day pass to the Angkor Temple Park and a farewell dinner... What you do with all of the time in between is entirely up to you! 


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No problems! For those who are not able to take this amount of time off work, our accommodation provides fast, free wifi, access to a comfortable air-conditioned co-working space (open 24 hours to suit all time differences) included in your base rate. Live Differently Life Retreats are not necissarily about not working, they are about experiencing life outside the norm. Working participants are more than welcome to join our activities in their off hours. 


Can do! Courses are available in many different disciplines in Siem Reap from the traditional Khun Khmer fighting style, to yoga and meditation, to local language training. There is no greater feat than improving your skills and if you are the kind of person who needs to keep your mind or your body active, then maybe the educational route is the one for you! Courses range from 1 week to the entire month depending on what you choose to pursue. 

1st - 29th March / 1st - 29th May / 1st - 29th July / 1st - 29th September

Book now and pay only a 10% deposit, finalise which retreat you would like to participate in for 2021 within 30 days of the start date.

If there's one thing that the pandemic of 2020 has taught us, it's that we all need to spend a little more time on what makes us happy. The idea for this retreat was born during the border lockdowns in Southeast Asia where numerous travellers, ranging in age from early 20's to mid 40's, were forced to halt their travels for a longer period of time and to settle into a very different kind of life in Siem Reap... 

This style of living was unheard of to most of them and the changes each encountered during this bizarre time in history were enlightening for Adventure Travel Co.'s founder, Jay Austin. Most travellers are either "on the road", which equals constantly being on the move, or they are at home, living their 'normal life' - very few people have the opportunity to slow down and experience anything in between. Being in lockdown with these people meant taking the time to get to know everyone on a more personal level, to encounter all of the personal stories and to realize that there was an incredible market to help others to take a step back from life and to experience existence from an entirely new perspective.

Live Differently Life Retreats are designed to help people from all walks of life to step out of their everyday world. It's about moving away from comfort zones and existing in a world entirely different from your own. For some it may be a sabbatical from the corporate world after years of stress and anxiety, for others it may be a break to refocus their lives on new goals and adventures. Whatever the reason, taking the chance to live differently will help to expand your horizons.

The beauty of a Live Differently Retreat is the diversity of the people involved. These retreats are for anyone and everyone looking to take a break and connect with others, whilst shaping their own experience. You will have the wealth of local knowledge from your captain and the support of our entire local team at your disposal as you make the journey into longer-term travelling. 

Your Captain 

The retreat is lead by Adventure Travel Co.'s founder, Jay Austin, who stepped away from corporate life in Australia almost 10 years ago and has experienced all the ups and downs of living life abroad, finally settling in Siem Reap where she now operates these retreats for others who are looking for something more in life, just like she was...

Everyone winds down differently, so we don't have any mandatory activities included in the retreat package. Instead we offer an affordable daily activity schedule for you to choose from. We like to offer just enough structure for people to feel comfortable, but the most important thing for us, is for you to be able to connect with yourself and others on this journey. 

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