Day 3

So you've done the temple thing, and you've done the local thing... Now it's time for some adventure! Spend your morning flying through the trees with Angkor Zipline. Experience suspension bridges, rope ladders and platforms with incredible views of the Cambodian jungle before sitting down for a homestyle meal with your group. Return to Siem Reap momentarily, before you are collected again for an afternoon of quad biking through the stunning countryside. Your will be given a lesson in how to drive these monsters before setting off with your guide, roaring through the peaceful rice paddies to find the best spot to watch the sunset. As the light begins to fade, make your way back to the quad bike base and farewell your group.

For your last night in Siem Reap we wanted to save something really special. Head to Bambu Stage where you will enjoy one of 3 shows (which change depending on the day) presented by a museum designer, followed by a very civilized dinner party where you can discuss all of your fantastic Siem Reap experiences!


Day 1

Every Siem Reap adventure should begin with the temples. So this morning you need to wake up early and see the sun rise over Angkor Wat. Take a guide with you so you can find out all the history and stories and really explore the bigger Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom complexes. Return to Siem Reap for lunch, maybe a swim and definitely a nap! Head out again with your guide in the afternoon to explore the lesser known, secret temples in the Angkor complex and end your temple day with the famous Tomb Raider temple, Ta Prohm.

This evening you are going completely local. One of our local guides is taking you to the most popular market in town for dinner. This market is set up every evening on the roadside and includes everything from homewares, to fairground rides. Call it a foodie tour or just a local experience, but this market will blow your mind! End your night in Khmer Pub Street where you can enjoy a couple of drinks in a local beer garden.

Day 2

This morning you are heading out to a village with a local guide who grew up here. Enjoy the lively morning activities going on all around you as you wander from house to house, meeting the people and learning about their trades. Break through the 'tourist' barrier and enjoy a home cooked lunch with your guide's family made from fresh produce purchased in the market that morning.

This afternoon you are floating! Board a motorboat to visit  Siem Reap's only year-round floating village. The motorboat will take you to the village location (which changes depending on the water levels) where you will have the opportunity to visit a local home and board a smaller, more local boat and be paddled around the village before returning to Siem Reap. 

No visit to temple town is complete without a visit to Phare, the Cambodian circus, so this evening you are off to see the show! The acrobats in this show rival Cirque de Solai with their talents, and this 1 hour performance showcases the best of their abilities.