Experience the Temples of Angkor

How you experience the temples is different for everyone, we hope that with the flexibility of our temple touring you will be able to have your once in a lifetime experience just the way you imagined it. If there is something that is not available in the catalogue below, please contact us so that we can help you to build the perfect experience! 

Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples remain active religious sites to this day and we ask that all visitors conduct themselves respectfully. Please review the Angkor Code of Conduct prior to your visit to ensure you are aware of the rules surrounding your tour in this magical place.

Please Note: Our transport drivers are all hand-picked, English speaking legends; however they are not licensed tour guides and therefore are not legally allowed to guide you on your temple tours. If you are looking for a more in-depth, historical experience at the temples we highly recommend that you add one of our wonderful guides to your tour.

Your safety is our highest priority, all cars and vans used on Adventure Travel Co. tours are insured.